Johnson Park - "A Gallery of History Reimagined"

The 2020 protests surrounding statues and other public art connected to racist and violent histories opened up important discussions about specific figures but also about how these monuments have suppressed other voices and other visions of the past and present. The Institute for The Development Of Education In the Arts (IDEA) in Camden and Rutgers University-Camden will address a specific work, the frieze “America Receiving the Gifts of the Nation” at the Johnson Library in Camden, while also providing a way to rethink monuments and memorials in general as participatory cultural spaces that are open to a community's past, present, and future.

Grants Awarded to Johnson Park - "A Gallery of History Reimagined"

$50,000 - Awarded July 2020

Focus areas
Representation in Media
Movement Media

The 2020 Community Voices grant will support the “Johnson Park” project an exploration of the relationship between public art and power. A response to the uprisings and demands for removal of racist monuments throughout the nation, the project addresses how communities create memorials through a democratic and participatory process. Using audio-visual media to re-commemorate a public space in Camden that once depicted a racist frieze, Unmemorial will include a series of media projects that would create new and more ethical modes of commemoration that includes public critique and conversation.

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