“How We Stay Free” is a powerful collection that invites us all to celebrate Black life, find our place in an ongoing rebellion, and organize our communities for the creation of new, better and freer worlds. It is a celebration of the organizing that sustained the 2020 uprising in Black Philadelphia.

The book consists of reflections, testimonies, prose and poetry from those on the frontlines about where the movement started, where it stands and where it goes from here. It is a "we go from here." A celebration of the Black Philadelphia organizing that sustained the uprising.

Grants Awarded to How We Stay Free

$33,500 - Awarded July 2020

Focus areas

The 2020 Community Voices grant will support a time capsule book and website of essays, photographs, poems and other creative formats documenting the Uprising (Against White Supremacy, in Defense of Black Lives) in Philadelphia from May-June 2020. The project will collage intergenerational reflections of Black Philadelphians with an intersectional emphasis and attunement to the ongoing labor of “how we get free.”

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