Connected Communities Broadcast

The Connected Communities Broadcast builds partnerships with other social-service organizations, schools, businesses, government officials and individuals that foster community-wide outreach, resource development and action. During COVID, one of the most impactful initiatives within the Connected Communities program was a daily, live broadcast hosted on FaceBook and YouTube. This broadcast covered a wide range of topics related to COVID as well as other community needs, helping to break the isolation many were experiencing and providing critical information and support. Making a Change Group also stepped up via Connected Communities (an outreach program) to provide food and other vital supplies to families in need, sponsored a violence-prevention initiative for youth (V-PRYDE), supported trash remediation efforts and participated in a vaccine hesitancy initiative.

Grants Awarded to Connected Communities Broadcast

$10,000 - Awarded July 2020

Focus areas
Community-Centered Journalism

The 2020 Community Voices grant will support Facebook Live broadcasts staffed daily by Chester community locals to discuss critical issues facing the community, give voice to the residents, connect people with resources, provide health guidelines, promote community initiatives, and showcase the assets of this underrepresented neighborhood.

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