Coatesville Black Media Renaissance Project

The Coatesville Black Media Renaissance gives local artists and artisans a vehicle to amplify important social issues impacting the City of Coatesville. Through a variety of media platforms such as print, mural arts, design, social media, film and spoken word local residents, entrepreneurs, activists and artist inform and influence media stories and narratives.

Grants Awarded to Coatesville Black Media Renaissance Project

$50,000 - Awarded July 2020

Focus areas
Representation in Media
Movement Media

The 2020 Community Voices grant will support the creation of the Coatesville Black Media Renaissance (CBMR) project, which will use storytelling and media-making to heal and reconcile race relations in the city of Coatesville. Specifically, CMBR will provide local artists and storytellers a vehicle to amplify community voices through a variety of media platforms such as film, print media, and mural arts to create a community driven media model that activates change against unjust media narratives, policing, and other racist practices that continue to marginalize Coatesville residents.

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