Tristan Seyek

A person purses their lips towards a rooster perching on their shoulder

Tristan Seyek is a writer, director, musician and producer from Philadelphia, the son of an Afro-Carribean Puerto Rican father and a first generation Indian-American mother. His first short film, "The Block," premiered at BlackStar Film Festival in 2015. He co-directed the edgy, feature length comedy, "Hanh, Solo," which screened at the 2018 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. A storyteller at heart, Tristan's work spans across all styles and genres and aims to use his skill set and bursting imagination to bring this documentary to life.

Grantee type

Grants Awarded to Tristan Seyek

$20,000 - Awarded December 2020


The 2020 film grant will support "Ave Maria," a documentary that follows a Puerto Rican celebrity chef who cooks to save the spirit of his homeland in the wake of Hurricane Maria, the catastrophic breaking point for an island ensnared by colonial-era laws and an insurmountable debt. Could something as intrinsic as food be the key to Puerto Rico's future?

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