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Next Century Cities (NCC) was established in 2014 to support local government efforts to expand Internet access for their constituents in cities nationwide. Through coalition offers mayors, council members, and other elected local officials access to a dynamic network of municipal leaders and a wealth of resources used to make informed decisions about expanding broadband internet access and increasing adoption rates in their communities.

NCC has six guiding principles that inform their work and serve as the basis for membership, programming, and outreach: (1) high-speed internet access is necessary infrastructure; (2) the internet is nonpartisan; (3) communities must enjoy self-determination; (4) high-speed internet access is a community-wide endeavor; (5) meaningful competition drives progress; and (6) collaboration benefits all.

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Grants Awarded to Next Century Cities

$300,000 - Awarded December 2021

Focus areas
Media Policy

A two-year grant to empower local community leadership to improve digital outcomes and to advance digital equity by engaging in federal and state broadband policymaking.

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