Barbara Attie

EMMY® nominated filmmaker, Barbara Attie is a recipient of the Pew Fellowship in the Arts. Attie studied architecture and worked as a medical photographer before earning an MFA in film and media arts from Temple University in 1996. Barbara Attie also produced and directed: "Daring to Resist" (with Martha Lubell), about three teenage girls in the anti-Nazi resistance, narrated by Janeane Garofalo. Broadcast nationally on PBS in 2000 and distributed by Women Make Movies. "Rufus Jones: a Luminous Life" (with Sharon Mullally, 2001), a profile of a leading Quaker who co- founded the American Friends Service Committee. "Skin and Ink" (with Maureen Wellner and Nora Monroe, 1989), an exploration of the tattoo culture.

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Grants Awarded to Barbara Attie

$25,000 - Awarded December 2020


This one-year grant will support "Abortion Helpline, This is Lisa." The short documentary features counselors from the Women's Medical Fund responding to phone calls from women seeking help. The film explores the economic stigmas and legislation that determines access to abortion in the U.S.

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