Ashlee Blackwell

Ashlee Blackwell is a film writer with a BA in American Studies and MLA in Liberal Arts (concentrating in media and film studies) from Temple University. She is the co-producer/co-writer of the Shudder Original documentary, Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror and an author in the Lehigh University Press anthology, Bloody Women! Women Directors of Horror. She's currently an adjunct professor in film studies at Saint Joseph's University.

Grantee type

Grants Awarded to Ashlee Blackwell

$15,000 - Awarded December 2021

Focus areas
Representation in Media

The 2021 film grant will support "Graveyard Shift Sisters." The film akes a critical and cultural look at Black women and women of color in the horror (and science fiction) community/industry. From mass media representation, filmmakers, writers, to the fans, these women have been close to invisible in recognition in the history of the horror genre.

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