Amelia Carter

Amelia Carter is a Black lesbian cultural activist and community organizer from Philadelphia with a background in filmmaking and mosaic art. Her work focuses on economic equity, human rights, racial justice as well as gender and sexual liberation. In addition to developing a career in global education at the University of Pennsylvania's South Asia Center for six years, Amelia Carter is the founder of Penn Community for Justice (PCJ) and Philly Human Rights Appeal.

In 2020, Amelia Carter created the film, “Testimony: 52nd St. and the Invisible Violence of UPenn.” The short stop-motion animation film is based on her personal experience with police violence on May 31, 2020, when the Philadelphia Police Department attacked residents in the predominantly Black neighborhood of Cobbs Creek for several hours. Five private police forces, including campus police from the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), assisted in the militarized assault. As a resident of Cobbs Creek and an employee at Penn, her film locates the university's participation in the attack as part of a long history of institutional control over the neighborhood via university-driven gentrification.

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Grants Awarded to Amelia Carter

$25,000 - Awarded December 2021

Focus areas
Representation in Media

The 2021 film grant will support "Spirit of 52nd," a hybrid/experimental moving portrait which incorporates non-fiction/verite documentary elements, archival scenes, and some minimally scripted/directed scenes. The film will treat 52nd Street—a once thriving Black business corridor in West Philly—as its main character, meandering between various stakeholders and memories, past and present, individual and collective.

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